New latest generation air simulator in Belarus!

Our policy

“We, the Diamond-Simulation, aspire to become a leading designer and manufacturer of FSTD flight simulators that may be used for all the existing models of the aircrafts and aircrafts under design by the Diamond Aircraft Limited. We strive to create flexible, safe and efficient environment for training pilots that will help them to master their skills using the high-end user-friendly FSTD flight simulator – the lifelike simulator that merges elegance and functional integrity. To achieve the goal we apply the cutting-edge technologies and strict quality control standards.”

Diamond Simulation Gmbh&Co, Director General, Gerhardt Tamm

Unique equipment

The flight training simulator Diamond (DSIM FSTD) is designed basing on the DA40 (with engines AE300, Lycoming and Centurion) and DA42 (with engines AE300, Lycoming and Centurion).


To achieve the lifelike cockpit all the DSIM FSTD simulators are manufactured using the DIA equipment that is applied at real aircrafts: instrument panel of the aircraft, seats, controls, pedals, engine control levers, etc.

Pilot cockpit of the DA40 may be easily converted to the cockpit of DA42 and backwards.

Equipment components

All the equipment components meet the FTD requirements, level 6 (FAA 14 CFR, part 60). All the level 5 equipment may be easily upgraded at request.


Autopilot GFC700

The Diamond simulator applies the unique equipment of glass cockpit GARMIN  1000 including autopilot Garmin GFC700.

Simulation of flight dynamics

The flight dynamics model is based on flight data provided by Diamond Aircraft Industries and also on the data of aircraft test flights carried out by pilots of Diamond Aircraft Industries and Diamond Simulation.

Instructor’s workplace – software

After development of the new generation software the DSIM is introducing newly designed software for instructor’s workplace that will enable instructor with the capabilities provided by complete simulator – easy-to-handle touch screen with logical operational pages that can easily be operated by intuition. The software contains weather parameters needed for developing new scenarios of training MPL, like wind shear or microexplosions.

Qualification test guide

FTSD is supplied together with a Qualification test guide (QTG), which contains all the information necessary for qualification in accordance with the requirements of a respective country.  The software is updated with a QTD-TEST recorder, which allows generating test reports on selected tests.

Equipment is the workplace of an instructor.

The new workplace of a flight instructor includes a desk with two movable touchscreen monitors.


The new workplace of a flight instructor includes a desk with two movable touchscreen monitors.

GLOBAL CANVAS visualization system designed by Diamond

The high resolution 3-D image formation engine is a cutting edge software solution developed by Diamond Simulation which is the latest improvement of a highly realistic flight simulator.

The new standard resolution of the satellite image is 15m (64m before). Coverage of the land surface (approximately 95%) extends from +90C to -90C. The image formation engine can display images with resolution up to 5cm/pixel (approximately 1m before). Altitude data is taken from NASA SRTM 3. The USA and mountainous areas such as the Alps and the Himalayas have incredible resolution of a second of longitude. The main breakthrough lies in presentation of standard airfields. The models of such airfields appear to be even more realistic. The system includes two-level cloudiness/three dimensionality of clouds as well as so called “Attributes of digital characteristics”, for example, position, course, extension of power lines and forest. It includes meteorological phenomena such as wind, rain and snow, thunderstorm and fog. The standard package includes satellite image worldwide coverage (15 meters), standard airfields with hard surface.

Optionally models of specific airfields or certain regions with air environment and high resolution.

Advantages for pilot students

  • Original components ensure familiar environment both on simulator and on plane
  • Training in glass cockpit from the very beginning
  • Control of engine, similar to jet one; close to reality

Training concept from Diamond

Our unique feature: the plane and the simulator are produced by the same company. The training concept of Diamond is suitable for initial training of airline pilots and pilots of general aviation.