DA40 of New Generation

Innovations in movement

For flying training

Including of DA40aircrafts in training program is a right decision definitely.  Today, in conditions of severe competitions, for trainees and instructors involvement, the flight schools require up-to-date aircrafts, manufactures form composite materials with advanced avionics. The aircraft has to possess excellent training characteristics: the capability of low-speed control, integral-hp motor, excellent visibility and state- of –the –art equipped cockpit. Financial aspects of aircraft possession are the ones of the key aspects. Low price of maintenance, high quality of cooperation with clients and low fuel consumption are very important. Nowadays, flying educational institutions raise very severe demands for the aircrafts and the Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH Company meets these requirements.

Excellent aerodynamics specifications, solid structure from composite materials, computerized cockpit  Garmin G1000, serviceability, perfect technical support of clients, low insurance cost and etc. – these are only a part of  reason, why DA40 should be bought. That’s why, it’s not surprising that many of universities, colleges and flying schools choose DA40 as a base for its aviation park.

DA40 of  New Generation

Selection of pilots

It is not important whether you are experienced pilot or not, DA40 aircraft – is a perfect choice.  DA40 has been designed by pilots, which could not imagine theirs lives without the flights. You will enjoy wonderful delight after take-off. Aircraft easily ascends, its control elements have efficient reaction and cockpit structure ensures excellent vision. High-performance computerized cockpit Garmin G1000 ensures access to all necessary information.

Safety-first of all

DA40 ensures high-level of safety. These are perfect dirigibility on slow speeds, short range of take-off and landing, excellent visibility and advanced avionics. The aircraft possesses various means of passive safety, including aluminum fuel tank with fire protection, solid frame of passenger module as well other safety means, like belts with safety cushions and  emergency (radio) beacon with work frequency 406MHz.

Reasonable choice

Thanks to its characteristics, up-to-date technologies, luxurious design and high level of safety, DA40 aircraft will become a profitable purchase. Attractive price – is only a part of advantages. Superb fuel efficiency, low insurance cost, serviceability and high liquidity make DA40 of good choice.

Travel in luxury

Imagine a luxurious car with wings and which flies directly to your place of destination with speed of 155 knots without any traffic congestions and fines for speed excess. The aircraft DA40 allows you to fly on business trips or vacations  without feeling discomfort of commercial flights. Spacious passenger cabin and capacious baggage compartment allow taking with yourself colleagues, friends or family and there were still be some place for the baggage. Comfortable seats and excellent view transform long journey in a pleasure. High and spacious passenger compartment ensures comfort for you and for your passengers. Luxurious interior panels, inserts from natural wood fringes by aluminum,   carboxylic thresholds, levers of control elements from matt aluminum, leather seats create the atmosphere  comfort and luxury.


Clever electronics

All necessary information  at one’s fingertips

Flight information display system and navigation device realize a dream of any pilot about the quality representation of all required information .

Garmin G1000 and Garmin GFC 700 systems of automatic flight control

After the flight on DA40, equipped with Garmin G1000 and Garmin GFC 700 systems of automatic flight control, you will not want to fly anything else. Garmin G1000 system is branch standard thanks to high reliability and perfect technical support of the Garmin company. Digital autopilot Garmin GFC 700 – is a dream of every pilot. More précised, then analogues systems it is fully integrated in the system Garmin G1000, keeps elevating and lowering with a constant speed and may automatically correct your actions during the flight and while landing  thanks to build-in capacity of vertical navigation VNAV. High integration, high functionality, high accuracy, high reliability  - all these lead to a load decreasing on a pilot and to increasing of safety level.


Multifunctional display

Multifunctional display ensures convenient access to the information about all systems of your aircraft. For easing of flight planning, multifunctional display maintain command input, which will be perfectly executed by Garmin GFC 700 autopilot.

Synthetic vision system

DA40 aircraft  in the capacity of option offers the technology of synthetic vision system Garmin Synthetic Vision. Displaying 3D landscape, the given ultra up-to-date technology allows you to “see” everything around you, from landscape to obstacles and air traffic what is especially important at landing. 

High level of elaborations

The best crew of developers

Together with our partners we provide you the top level of qualification in the aviation engines development. Development of AE300 engine was in the progress in close collaboration with the MB Tech and Bosch General Aviation companies. We are convinced that we developed the unique aviation engine, which meets to all your requirements.  Improved reliability and quality of engine components are ensured by application of advanced technology. Our sincere faith in the present development method and manufacturing of aviation systems demonstrated by that, that we inserted 50 million of Euro in this project.

“Integrated warranty “

Integrated warranty on the aircraft and engine, indisputably, is a advantageous offer. This means, that you’ll have one safe partner, ensuring complex warranty services and solving all accompanying issues of technical support.

Technical maintenance

The engine structure was designed to reduce the time between repairs. Austro Engine Company offers the program of planned replacement of component parts on the first and the second thousands of engine’s operational hours, which includes in itself  free dispatch of the spares to the client. AE300 is a advanced aviation engine for new generation of business class civil aviation.

How to describe flight sensation on DA40 of  new generation?

High flight characteristics of the aircraft remain unchangeable and on a critical altitude of 10 000 foots. In comparison with the earlier generation, the owner will notice lower fuel consumption.

Advanced avionics

 For your absolute comfort all aircrafts are equipped with the GFC700 system of automatic flight control and Garmin ChartView system, which display aero navigational maps directly on the flights data indicator. The system is mounted together with Garmin SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology), which is a part of a standard DA40 equipment.