Aircraft of Diamond type (manufacture of Austria) are used for preparation of pilots.  Many leading flight schools use DA-40 and DA-42 for their training programs, due to the reason that these aircraft distinguish themselves by perfect flight specifications: powerful engine, possibility to control at low speed, superb observability  and equipped with the latest technique cockpit. Multifunctional display provides convenient access to data about all systems of the aircraft.  Thanks to DA-40 and DA-42 the trainees after school graduation obtain experience, which is necessary for jet aircraft and aviation liners. Thrust control lever, analogous to the models, used in jet aircraft, upgraded cockpit  Garmin G1000, possibility to perform approach landing and other procedures at the conditions , which are similar to that of modern aircraft – all theses provides the possibility  to the trainees to pass to a new stage in the training process.


DA-40 and DA-42 provide high level of security by the means of perfect control on low speeds, short take-off and landing distance, superb observability and advanced avionics. Aircraft is equipped with all possible security means, including  non-failure carbon airframe, aluminum fire protected fuel tank, as well as belts and emergence radio beacon with operation frequency 406 MHz. tested anti-icing system ТКS  makes it possible to perform flights at icing conditions.


Flight preparation – work, related to the increased danger due to the fact that unprepared people become crew members. In order to master aircraft control  skills as safe as possible, aviation centre is equipped with simulator Diamond. Its programming allows to simulate practically all types of drawbacks and failures, which can occur both in the air and on the ground. Availability of such simulator – formula for success for professional pilots preparation at highest level.